MEI CASHFLOW® Series 2000 VNR Vending Recycler

MEI introduces a cash recycling bill validator with the smallest footprint in the industry.

The MEI CASHFLOW VNR accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, and stores either $1 or $5 bills for use as change for future purchases. The product features the industry's only high-visibility bezel that easily indicates to consumers which denominations are accepted using bright, low-powered LEDs. The high-visibility bezel can be replaced with the MEI 4-in-1 bezel to enable the CASHFLOW VNR to accept credit, debit and contactless payments.

Product features of the VNR include:

  • Recycles a single denomination of bills ($1 or $5 bills)
  • Can be installed in new or used vending machines
  • Compatible with all MDB coin changers/coin mechs
  • A programmable recycler module that holds up to 30 bills at a time
  • Small cash recycler footprint virtually equal to that of a standard bill validator
  • Uses Series 2000 bill validator technology, the industry's best-selling product with more than three million units sold