Conlux MCM5 Series Coin Changer

MEI Conlux® has launched its next-generation five-tube coin changer, which replaces its CCM5 model coin changer. The new Conlux MCM5 provides increased tube capacity, additional float options, and enhancements in product durability and aesthetics.

The Conlux MCM5 accommodates two full rolls of coins, and the coin tubes are fully accessible from the back of the cassette for faster coin filling. The MCM5 also provides new float options to manage coin inventory. Operators can either select from one of two preset factory float levels ($34 or $52) or they can program the float level simply by pressing the discriminator's float button up or down to the desired dollar amount.

Defining simple and delivering value is this next generation Conlux coin changer.  It's designed with CCM5 heritage technology and boasts

  • More float options to help manage coin inventory
  • Larger coin tubes to accept and fit two full rolls of coins, speeding up the time operators spend filling tubes
  • Enhanced product durability and aesthetics to improve operator interface with the changer
  • Automatic cassette programming once a preconfigured cassette is snapped into place -the cassette is also uniquely designed to give full access to the coin tubes by opening from the rear of the cassette
  • A third LED diagnostic light for increased maintenance awareness
  • 30% less power consumption while in idle state
  • A simultaneous three coin payout to speed up transaction time